Chinese Dance

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Course Details
Level Class Duration Course Fees Per Term
Foundation 120 mins $30
Intermediate 120 mins $30
Advanced 180 mins $30
Terms 3 Terms per Year
Term 1 March - May
Term 2 July - September
Term 3 November - January
** 12 lessons Per Term
1 . Who can take Chinese Dance courses ?

There are classes available for all ages and levels. Students are allocated into respective classes based on their age and level of skills.

2 . How do I know what level class to take? Can I observe and/or participate in a dance class?

If you are unsure about our classes, there is no better way to find out than to give it a go! The Chinese Dance Department encourages students to visit the institute to try a dance class*. Contact our Admin Office (Tel.: 64450828) or email to make arrangements. There is a one- time non-refundable trial class fee of $15.00. You should arrive at SHAI at least 30 minutes before class and will be directed to the studio. *No onlookers are allowed and you must attend the class from beginning to the end.

3 . Is audition necessary for me or my child?

Audition is only necessary for students who have prior dance training.

4 . What will take place at the auditions ?
  • Arrive at least 30 minutes earlier to warm up
  • Chinese dance techniques (Barre and center practices)
  • The interviewer may cut off auditionees midway during their auditions.
  • Those asked to continue will showcase a 2-3 minutes solo and have an interview with our institute’s dance instructor and/or arts director.
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