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1. All new students are required to start with Nanyin Pipa course.
2. Current Nanyin courses include:

  • Nanyin Vocal (Singing)
  • Pipa
  • Dongxiao
  • Percussion
Course Details
Level Class Duration Course Fees Per Term
Nanyin Vocal (Singing) 90 mins $65
Pipa 60 mins $65
Dongxiao 60 mins $65
Percussion 60 mins $65
Terms 2 Terms per Year
Term 1 March - June
Term 2 September - December
** 16 lessons Per Term
1 . I have prior Pipa training, do I still have to start with Nanyin Pipa course?

Ans : Yes, you do. The Pipa used in Nanyin is “crooked-neck” and held horizontally, known as “Nanpa” (Southern Pipa) while the more commonly used is “straight-necked” Pipa, known as “Beipa” (Northern Pipa).

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