Pursuing Excellence & Moral Integrity (德艺双馨)

At Sheng Hong Arts Institute (SHAI), we believe in pursuing excellence and moral integrity at the same time.  We believe in sustainable partnerships to give back to the community, locally and overseas.  SHAI has consistently contributed to various organizations, institutions and schools in Singapore through our outreach programmes.  Over the years, SHAI has also provided students with international learning and competition opportunities through the Overseas Cultural Immersion Programmes.

SHAI is and will continue to provide opportunities for the development of our local arts and culture practitioners and educators in order to ensure sustainability.  SHAI strongly believes that potential recipients of scholarships from SHAI must also possess or develop moral integrity while pursuing professional excellence.  This, in SHAI’s context, is important to ensure sustainability.

Sheng Hong Arts Education Scholarship Recipients

Ms Lim Jia Yi

Currently serving with SHAI to develop its curriculum

  • Awarded the Sheng Hong Arts Scholarship in 2014
  • Graduated from Beijing Shimei Vocational Arts School
  • Awarded the National Arts Council Scholarship in 2016
  • Graduated from the prestigious Beijing Dance Academy

In the pursuit for economy progress and prosperity, Singapore have to build up our multiculturalism with strong roots in our Asian cultures while having a cosmopolitan outlook. Traditional arts is our rich heritage, just like the language we speak, they are the art forms we are privileged to inherit. In harmonising local traditions and foreign traditional arts, the diversity is what makes Singapore’s unique and vibrant cultural heritage- In which I hope to explore and contribute to in the future.


Ms Ng Kai Lin Avery

Supporting the operations of SHAI

  • Awarded the Sheng Hong Arts Scholarship in 2017
  • Pursuing Diploma in Dance with Xiamen Arts School


Ms Chay Ming Yi Vivian

Supporting the operations of SHAI

  • Awarded the Sheng Hong Arts Scholarship in 2017
  • Pursuing Diploma in Dance with Xiamen Arts School

Now, there are lesser and lesser people that learned and understand the essence of Chinese dance. As I have great interest in it and thus would wish to pass it down to the next generation. Chinese culture arts has a long history which it has an unlimited knowledge to be learn from. I know that the end states of my own hard work that I’ll be going through is not for myself but is for my family and people from Sheng Hong Arts Institute which they have great faith on me. As such no matter how tough it will be, I will never give up.