Did you know?

Over thousands of years, Nanyin have existed as an oldest form of ancient Chinese music extant. It is registered by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Originating from the courts, musicians and families of officials from the Han, Tang and Song Dynasties migrated south during war times, bringing their music into the mountainous Minnan region of Fujian Province. Nanyin thereby also preserved the characteristics of Tang and Song Dynasty music.

Telling stories, every Nanyin song is intoned in a recitative manner. Musical instruments Dongxiao (Flute), Pipa (Four string lute), Sanxian (Three-string lute) and Erxian (two-string Fiddle) are played together in performances to bring audiences into the settings of the story.

Learning Nanyin is about…

  • Connecting with local Dialect culture
  • Improving vocal expression
  • Enhancing knowledge about Chinese ethnic musical instruments
  • Deepening understanding of traditional Chinese Values
  • Shaping one’s character